Why are you so mean?

Have you ever noticed how mean we are to ourselves?

I have noticed lately that we as women are very hard on ourselves.  We say horrible to stuff to ourselves that we would never say to our best friend.  Let me give you an example...

I was working at a race expo and it was for a company that I love!  I love that they have clothing for all shapes and sizes of women.  Tall, short, thin, heavy... all of them.  A lady walked up and was looking at the beautiful garments.  I asked her if she needed help and if she was familiar with the product.  

She said, "I look horrible in all these products...

I told her that I doubt that is true.  She went onto explain to me how she was too jiggly here and too fat there.  I told her that she looked great to me!  It made me sad that she felt that way about an amazing body that was getting ready to run a really long distance.  

Later on in the day, another lady came up.  She looked at the product and said, "I can't wear any of this size.  They won't fit me."  I began explaining that the product was made for all size women. 

 She said, "I doubt they have a size that fits me."

I get it.  I really do.  When I weighed 256 pounds, I didn't want to try on anything that I had perceived didn't fit me either.  I wasn't one of those smaller girls that I saw running long distances.  I wasn't someone who put in a lot of exercise.  But, what I want to share with her was it is okay to be in love with who you are.

It's hard to be a plus size woman in a regular sized world.  It is hard to find clothes.  You feel socially unaccepted, but when I look at both instances with these women and their clothing.  It wasn't really about the clothing.  Both of them felt as though, they weren't enough.  They were being mean to themselves.  

I have done it. I am sure we all have.  But, if we can't find our love and our beauty in ourselves to accept ourselves, then how in the world can we expect the rest of the world to find our beauty?  When does the time come that we make a stand and stop being mean to ourselves?

I can tell you that if I was standing somewhere and someone said that my best friend was too big for a size, it would be ON like Donkey Kong.  Those would be fighting words. But here we are standing in the world, saying those mean words to ourselves.  It's not right.   

So, What Can We Do About It?

Let's pick one thing that we like about ourselves this week.  It might not be easy, but pick ONE! Can't find one? Enlist the help of your best friend. Then, write it on your mirror.  Tell yourself that great thing that you love about yourself... EVERY DAY!  We can only get nicer to ourselves and stop being so mean when we tell ourselves how awesome we are.  

Want extra credit?  Tell 3 people every day something you love about them.  There always can be more love in the world.  Spread it!

PS... Tell me one thing you love about yourself in the comments below!  I can't wait to hear!

Warrior strong!


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