The Warrior Within Me Podcast Episode 2

Hey Warrior Tribe!

Woohoo!  Episode 2 is UP .  This week’s episode is about the SHIT WE SAY TO OURSELVES.  We all know we do it.  We are a bunch of mean girls to ourselves! All the FREAKIN’ time!

Key points in this episode are:

  • Why don’t we say mean things to our besties? We find out if we are going to have any friends at the end of this episode.
  • What is the way that we define ourselves?  Do we look at the black box on the floor of our bathroom or the size of our jeans?
  • What is the mantra for The Warrior Within Me Tribe?  Is it that we are fantastic and amazing?  Or, is it that we are sexy and courageous?  You will have to listen to find out how I have described all of you!

The answer to all these questions and even more!  You won’t want to miss it!  How else will you find out your Warrior Mantra?


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Stay Warrior Strong!


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