The Warrior Within Me Podcast #1

Hey, Warrior Tribe!  Welcome to the VERY FIRST episode of The Warrior Within Me Podcast.  Pretty exciting, right?  I think so!  In this episode, we will be chatting about New Year’s Resolutions.  We will talk about the bullshit part of those ever-popular Resolutions and what we should do instead of setting ourselves up to fail.

Keypoints from this episode are:

  • Why New Year’s Resolutions are bullshit.  We talk about what happens to New Year’s Resolutions and the number of people that FAIL at them.
  • What is one thing we should do instead?  Should we change 100 things at once, or should we just change one thing? We learn a way that works from the time you were a baby.
  • What should we do when we get frustrated? How long did it take to gain the weight and how long will it take to lose it?  The answer may surprise you.

The answer to those questions and more on this week’s podcast.  Don’t miss out!

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Until next time… Stay Warrior Strong!


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