The Magic of Santa

Do You Remember The Feelings Surrounding Santa?

When I was growing up, Santa was magical.  Every year I couldn't wait for Christmas.  My sister and I would spend hours searching through the Sears Catalog to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas.  Our list would be about 8 miles long and about 50 items deep.  I was a firm believer in Santa.  I bet I believed that Santa was real until I was like 9 or 10 years old.  I thought Santa was all powerful and awesome.  

In Fact, One Year...

I was so convinced that Santa had come that at the early hours of dawn, I convinced my sister that Santa was still in our living room.  We crept down the hall, and by gosh, we were going to catch him.  We peeked around the corner, and there he sat, his big red bottom and his white top.  Ah ha!  We had him!  Of course, I got scared and told my sister we better not go out there because what if we got caught.  We ran back to our rooms, but I was SURE I had seen him.

The next morning, my sister and I got up and I couldn't wait to tell my mom how we had seen Santa.  We walked out into the living room.  There sat two GIANT bean bags.  One red one on bottom, and one yellow one on top.  Turns out we didn't quite catch Santa, but he brought us great bean bags.  

You See, The Magical Part of Santa...

It wasn't about what Santa was going to bring us.  It wasn't about if we could catch him or not.  It was the fact that to me Santa represented happiness and hope.  He reminded me of all the things that I thought were good.  He had fun, elves, but most of all he had laughter, to me that was his magic.  In all the stories I read growing up, Santa was jovial.  He always had red cheeks, big smiles ,and oh my gosh, the laugh... how can one forget the "Ho, Ho, Ho".  Of all the magic that Santa brought, laughter meant fun, smiles, and hope.  Through the hopeful eyes of a child, Santa meant fun, laughter, and presents.  How could he not be magical?

To This Day, Santa Is Still Magical...

Even as an adult, I still love Santa.  Santa reminds me a lot of my dad.  Not because my dad looks like Santa (wouldn't that be awesome!!!)  But, because to me, my dad has the best laugh ever.  Whenever I hear it, it brings a smile to my face.  I love that he and I can laugh for hours because we have the same sense of humor.  He reminds me of Santa because he brings joy wherever he goes.  His laughter is very distinct and catchy.  When he laughs it is a whole-hearted laugh. He can light up the room with a twinkle of mischievousness and grin great big.  My dad has the magic of Santa.  

My Wish For You This Christmas...

I hope as you get to celebrate Christmas this year, that you, too, get to find the joy and happiness that Santa brings.  May you see him with the kid-like eyes that I do every year.  May he bring you all the qualities that he carries, fun, happiness, elves, but most of all, may Santa bring you belly-deep laughter.  Merry Christmas!

Warrior Stron​g,


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