The Warrior Within Me Podcast Episode 2

Hey Warrior Tribe! Woohoo!  Episode 2 is UP .  This week’s episode is about the SHIT WE SAY TO OURSELVES.  We all know we do it.  We are a bunch of mean girls to ourselves! All the FREAKIN’ time! Key points in this episode are: Why don’t we say mean things to our besties? We find out if we are going to have any friends at the end of this episode. What is the way that we define ourselves?  Do we look at the black box on the floor of our bathroom or the size of our jeans? What is the mantra for … Read More

The Warrior Within Me Podcast #1

Hey, Warrior Tribe!  Welcome to the VERY FIRST episode of The Warrior Within Me Podcast.  Pretty exciting, right?  I think so!  In this episode, we will be chatting about New Year’s Resolutions.  We will talk about the bullshit part of those ever-popular Resolutions and what we should do instead of setting ourselves up to fail. Keypoints from this episode are: Why New Year’s Resolutions are bullshit.  We talk about what happens to New Year’s Resolutions and the number of people that FAIL at them. What is one thing we should do instead?  Should we change 100 things at once, or … Read More

The Magic of Santa

Do You Remember The Feelings Surrounding Santa?When I was growing up, Santa was magical.  Every year I couldn’t wait for Christmas.  My sister and I would spend hours searching through the Sears Catalog to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas.  Our list would be about 8 miles long and about 50 items deep.  I was a firm believer in Santa.  I bet I believed that Santa was real until I was like 9 or 10 years old.  I thought Santa was all powerful and awesome.  In Fact, One Year…I was so convinced that Santa had come that at the … Read More

How Do You Define You?

There are so many words that we use to define items in our life.  But, how do we define ourselves?  Do we speak words of confidence over ourselves, or do we let others define our value and our worth? We are all like a gingerbread person…A Gingerbread person is blank.  He/She has no decorations until we decide how we are going to make it come to life.  Whether we want the gingerbread person to have a pink dress, or a blue bow.  We get to decide.  Imagine now if this Gingerbread person was me or you.  We can look at ourselves … Read More

I’m Having an Identity Crisis

I am not sure if it is because of my birthday or if it is because I am just at that stage, but lately, I feel like I am having an identity crisis.  For so long, I was the too fat chick.  Then, I was the too skinny chick.  Now, I am wondering who am I?  I am no longer either one of those people.  What is my identity?Does gravity’s pull on my body define me?As I am writing this, (let’s call it journal therapy), I realize that I am allowing my scale to define who I am.  I am … Read More

Calories In vs Calories Out

  Last week, I was out and a lady was talking to me about her struggles with losing weight.  It seems that weight loss is a struggle that most women have.  She pointed at her husband and said, “He doesn’t have any trouble losing weight.  It makes me frustrated.”  Isn’t that the way that women always think?  Why do men have it so much easier?  Why do they get to just stand there and seemingly lose weight?  But the truth is that it isn’t easier for men to lose weight.  There are plenty of men that struggle with their weight, … Read More

Why are you so mean?

Have you ever noticed how mean we are to ourselves?I have noticed lately that we as women are very hard on ourselves.  We say horrible to stuff to ourselves that we would never say to our best friend.  Let me give you an example…I was working at a race expo and it was for a company that I love!  I love that they have clothing for all shapes and sizes of women.  Tall, short, thin, heavy… all of them.  A lady walked up and was looking at the beautiful garments.  I asked her if she needed help and if she … Read More

Confessions from the Armchair

Confession time:   I have been slacking.  For how long, you wonder?  Well, since this is the armchair confessional (no sense in lying),… it has been for at least a year.  It has been a year since I have been serious about taking care of my health.  Yeah, I know I am all talk and no game.  In my head I want to believe that it has only been for a couple months, but it would be a complete lie.In August I studied and took the test to get my Personal Training Certificate.  It is very ironic to me that … Read More

The Cost of Being Healthy

Being healthy is important…Taking care of your health is vital.  But what does that exactly mean?  Does being healthy mean that I am going to become vegetarian?  Does it mean I am exercising 12 times a day?  Actually, for right now, it doesn’t mean either one.  But it means something MUCH worse… I have to give up caffeine.  And by saying caffeine, I actually mean…. chocolate.No caffeine, no problem…My adrenal glands have been taxed for a while, and I am really working on healing them and making them whole and healthy again.  I was watching a video a few weeks … Read More

The Warrior’s Journey: What’s New?

For the last few weeks, I have been promising you a video.  But, I couldn’t figure out how to put it into my post, and then fear took over.  My buddy called me on it last week, and I guess it is time.  Dang fear!  It always catches me when I think I have it beat.In the face of fear…I am working on some stuff behind the scenes.  It is all a little scary and exciting both at the same time.  I feel like I am slowly getting my act together.  What has taken me so long?  Well, the same … Read More