About Warrior Suzanne

Howdy! I am Suzanne Berkey, the chief warrior around here, and I am so happy you are here! 8 years ago, I weighed 265 pounds and was unhappy, fat, and miserable. One day it all came to a head when my dad put on my shorts.

What greater visual can you have than your dad wearing your shorts and seeing them fit him? It was time to make some changes in my life.

Four years and 100 pounds less in weight, this journey created a whole new dimension in my life that I never thought was possible.


I learned more about myself while traveling through that weight loss journey than I had ever in my life. The most valuable piece is that I learned I am WARRIOR STRONG and SO ARE YOU!

Together with my husband of 12 years, we have completed a whole lot of races, checked out some awesome parts of the country, and I now have a whole new perspective on what it means to be warrior strong!

My dream for the future is to help men and women just like you find their inner warrior. The main goal of this site is to help build STRENGTH, COURAGE, and DETERMINATION to EMPOWER YOU TO CREATE THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOU.

(Suzanne is proof that big weight loss is possible)

Along the way, we will laugh, chat, and maybe even cry. Nevertheless, we will BRANDISH YOUR SHIELD, TAKE A STEP FORWARD, and EMBRACE THE FIERCENESS that embodies YOU and YOUR INNER WARRIOR!

What’s the BEST news about all this? You can CREATE a similar warrior journey for yourself too! With POWER, POSSIBILITY, PERSEVERANCE, you, too, can call out your inner warrior.

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I am so EXCITED you are here. Congratulations on taking your first step to embracing The Warrior Within YOU! I can’t wait to JOIN you ON YOUR JOURNEY!

Warrior Fierce…. Suzanne